Monday, November 29, 2010

tis the season!

Its christmas time again! Now its time to enjoy some great christmas music, lights, and family!
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Friday, November 12, 2010

The best of times

So its been a few weeks so I thought maybe I should update the blog! After all im sure the few people who follow me would like to know what I've been up to. (Spoiler alert: not much). The last week has been pretty busy between school and job searching. I have had a few good interviews with a couple of places so I'm crossing my fingers something will work out. Theres one that I really really want but to avoid the possibility of not getting it I won't talk about it yet.

One of the best highlights of the last week was actually last friday. I went with a mission friend to see Mae at the avalon in SLC. For those who don't know who mae are they're a alternative rock band who were pretty influential to me in high school. I remember listening to songs like "summertime" and "the ocean" while having headphones on just losing myself in the music. I was pretty excited because 1. This was the first time I had ever been to one of their shows and 2. This would be their last tour for the forseeable future.

Well I can say my excitement was not in vain because the show was awesome. The opening bands were great and mae was electric. They played for almost two hours and the crowd was really into it. We even got to stay after the show and meet with the band and get a picture with them! How cool are they? I have alot of respect and love for bands who do this type of stuff with their fans. We even got to sign their tour book. Really couldn't ask for a better night with a pretty cool group of friends to boot!

Oh and the jazz are playing awesome they've won three straight including victories over the heat and the magic! I think now is the time I should get me a jersey and tickets for christmas! Wooooooooooo! :) Oh and ive also been writing a few new songs if you want to see them let me know. Im still getting use to the whole sharing my music over the internet thing so id love to hear what y'all think. Til next time thanks for reading!
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