Saturday, April 23, 2011

Childhood Memories ruined part 5: Excuse me Princess

I really liked this show. It was on between muppet babies and mario brothers (yes i somehow remember). It's amazing how badly it has aged; I remember being so excited to watch Link fight goblins and save Princess Zelda. Now all I can think of is how freaking whiny Link is. There were only about 13 episodes I guess and this is a compilation of all the times he says his "catch phrase" excuse me princess. I wanna punch him in the animated face! I guess it could have a life as one of those "so bad it's good" things, but otherwise I'd rather forget this laughably bad cartoon. NINTENDO FAIL.

Oh curse you auto correct

Ok so I thought I would share what has to be one of the funniest mistakes in twitter history (ok probably not that big). I was on twitter a couple months ago (october i think) and it happened to have been raining all day. It was a virtual downpour for most of the week and I had gotten really tired of all the rain. Though now I'd gladly take rain to a snowstorm this time of year. Anyway one of my twitter friends Sigrid Larsen (@siggypoop) made to comment that she "loves the rain cause I get to have a warm cup of cocoa". I thought that was a good idea! So I replied back, "I love the rain though I also like to be outside with a blanket to go with my cocoa."

As i waited to hear a reply from someone I got a message from my other friend Aubrey. She said, "Uh what?" I was instantly confused so I looked to see if maybe I didn't phrase it right and I looked wasn't that...necessarily. My auto correct on my ipod touch changed to word cocoa. To what you ask? Well let me just repeat what it wrote. "I love the rain though I also like to be outside with a blanket to go with my COCK." (capitalized for emphasis) yes my auto correct mistaked the word cocoa for cock. Apparently my auto correct either is or thinks I'm a little perv. When i found out I was mortified for a moment and thought it was utterly hiliarious. Later on both of my friends told me it was the funniest thing they've seen and it made their day. So I thankfully got off without everyone thinking I'm a weird guy who likes to go outside with a blanket and his....yea. Moral of the story make sure to read what your never know when auto correct can bite you in the butt. 

Monday, April 18, 2011

The best date you'll ever have??

Sometimes I wonder what I could do better in the dating scene and how to present myself. Having read this I think I have a lot of work to do. I've never shaken obama's hand and I'm not sure how real I am. I guess I better start working harder.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Childhood memories ruined part 4: We need teenagers...with attitude

As I sit here between conference sessions I felt compelled to do another blog post about something I enjoy looking back on childhood tv shows. Today I look back on two of my favorite tv shows as a kid. Power Rangers. Of course watching power rangers was one of the coolest things ever back in the day but unfortunately not only have they made way too many spin off power rangers series since the original back in the day. They haven't aged paticularly well either. For some reason it never occured to me how they basically pigeon holed the rangers colors on what race they were, Zordons robot alfa (or hatever his names is) is a ripoff of c3po, and my personal favorite is the recap at the beginning of the show. Still the novelty of the Power Rangers will never fade in my eyes.

I still have fond memories of the series (though i can't help but wonder if they had a giant robot why not just use that to fly to the moon and kill the evil witch? I mean why are they always on the defense? also how come the robots always fall into buildings and fight giant monsters and NOBODY in the media says anything about it? Is it that common of an occurrence? wow this is a rant) and will probably have my kids watch the originals as opposed to the new crappy ranger shows. I've attached one of the best episodes and a college humor sketch thats pretty hilarious. Enjoy!