Wednesday, August 1, 2012

New Music Picks

Imagine Dragons 
 A band I never really paid attention to til a couple months ago. (I'm lame I know). These guys hail from Provo and Las Vegas so they're pretty much all local guys. I really dig their ep and can't wait for their album coming out in September. Check out them live on Leno! 

Passion Pit
I loved their old cd and the new one that came out a couple weeks ago doesn't disappoint. I might enjoy it more because the vocals I feel are much more refined and the songs are just as catchy as ever. I was so upset when they had to cancel their show in SLC, but thankfully I have their new album to tide me over.

I saw her at foster the people and really liked how much emotion she exuded during her brief set and extra song she sang with foster the people later that night. She also has a style I find refreshing.

Avett Brothers

Ive become obsessed with them ever since I saw them live a few weeks ago. They played this new song off their upcoming record and it's made the wait unbearable. Check out other songs like "at the beach" and "November blue" on YouTube as well.

You've probably heard the song "ho hey" on a few tv commercials, but the band is far from a one hit wonder. They have a folksy sound similar to blindpilot and head and the heart. Highest recommend!

Of Monsters and Men
In the same vein of Lumineers we have this band from iceland who have gotten increasingly popular from their single "little talks" being played on the radio. Check out this amazing live acoustic version!

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